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Research on Japanese philosophy

Check here for hints about reseach around the Globe. Available from 04/15/05.

The following listing gives an account on researach in Europe sorted by town.

Barcelona | Berlin | Bonn | Bucharest | Budapest
Genova | Helsinki | Leiden | Leipzig | Louvain
Moscow | München | Nottingham | Oslo | Paris
Salamanca | Tallinn | Torino | Vilnius | Warsaw | Wuppertal

Barcelona (Spain) Up

Raquel Bouso Garcia

Email: - Website
Associated Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Main interest: Zen Buddhism and Kyôto School.
Research project: PhD on "The religious experience of nothingness in Nishitani Keiji", finished in January 2005.
Recent publication:  - (Transl.) UEDA Shizuteru: Zen y filosofia, 2004.
- (Transl.) NISHITANI Keiji: La religion y la nada, 1999.

See below: Address, CV, and Bibliography.

Berlin (Germany)     Heise | Kracht | Müller - Up  

Jens Heise

Email: - website
Privatdozent at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Institut für Philosophie)

Main interest: "Kulturphilosophie" and Intercultural philosophy centered on Japan and Europe.
Research project: Foundation of Intercultural philosophy.
Recent publication: - Präsentative Symbole. Elemente einer Philosophie der Kulturen – Europa und Japan, 2003.

See below: Address, CV,and Bibliography.

Klaus Kracht  -   Berlin -  Up

Email: - website
Professor at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Main interests: Confucianism, political philosophy in modern Japan and Kultur- and Geistesgeschichte of Japan
Research project: Nishida and politics, finished.
-"Nishida Kitarô und die Politik" (in zwei Teilen), Japonica Humboldtiana. Jahrbuch der Mori-Ôgai-Gedenkstätte, 2001 u. 2002.
-(Hg.) Japanese Thought in the Tokugawa Era. A Bibliography of Western-Language Materials, 2000.
-"Zum Verständnis der Nishida-Philosophie unter dem Aspekt des Verhältnisses von Form und Inhalt", Japonica Humboldtiana 1, 1997.

See below: Address Bibliography

Ralf Müller   Berlin  -  Up

Email: - website
PhD Student at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Institut für Philosophie)

Main interest: Modern Philosophy in Japan with special reference to Nishida Kitarô and Dôgen Kigen
Research project: PhD thesis on "Philosophical interpretations of Dôgen since Watsuji Tetsurô's work "Shamon Dôgen", still on-going. Construction and maintance of a website on Japanese philosophy.

See below: Address, CV, and Bibliography.

Bonn (Germany) - Up

Christian Steineck

Email: - website
Mitarbeiter at University of Bonn (Forschungsstelle Modernes Japan)

Main interests: Issues of Bioethics, Japanese Buddhism and modern philosophy in Japan
Research projects: Issues of Bioethics in the philosophy of modern Japan.
Recent publication: - "Brain Death, Philosophical Anthropology, and the Body-Mind Problem", in: S. Shoji, A. Tamaoka (ed.): Proceedings of [sic] International Congress on Ethical Issues in Brain Death and Organ Transplantation, November 1 (Saturday) — 2 (Sunday) 2003, 2004.
- Leib und Herz bei Dôgen. Kommentierte Übersetzung und theoretische Rekonstruktion, 2003.
- (Hg. with G. Rappe and K. Arifuku) Dôgen als Philosoph, 2002.

See below: More to come.

Bucharest (Romania) Itu |  Maris  -  Up

Mircea Itu

Email: - website
Works at the Institute of Philosophy and Psychology of the Romanian Academy.

Publication:  - (Transl.) Nishida Kitarô, In cautarea binelui, 2005 (with Nicolae Maris).

Nicolae Maris  - Bucharest  -  Up

Publication: - (Transl.) Nishida Kitarô: In cautarea binelui, 2005 (with MirceaItu)
- (Transl.) Nishitani Keiji: Fiinta si Nimicul, 2005 (with Stefan Georgescu).

Budapest (Hungary)   -  Up


Email: -  Website

Main interest:  Heidegger, Kyoto-School and issues of Technology.
Research project: Master thesis on Japanese reception of Martin Heidegger's philosophy, finished in 1997.
Recent publications: - The Influence of Technology on Human Life - Martin Heidegger's and Keiji Nishitani's views concerning technology versus life, 1997. It is online here.
- Martin Heidegger filozófiájának japán recepciója. (On Heidegger's influence on philosophy in Japan.) This paper is available  here.

Genova (Switzerland) - Heinemann |  Boutry Stadelmann -   Up


Email: -  Website
Works at Université de Genève.

Main interest:  Modern Japanese society (as well as its politics and economy) and Japanese philosophy.
Research Project:  PhD thesis on "La création artistique chez NISHIDA Kitarô (1870-1945) à travers ses lectures de Fiedler et de Kant dans son texte Art et morale (Geijutsu to dôtoku) de 1923", finished in 2003. Online available  here.
Recent publication: "Quelques notions clés de la pensée de Nishida", in: (A. Berque Ed.) Logique du lieu et dépassement de la modernité, 2000.

Robert HEINEMANN -   Genova  -   Up

Publication: - "De l'exprimé vers l'inéffable: quelques considérations autour du symbole", Etudes asiatiques 47, (4)1993.
- Der Weg des Übens im ostasiatischen Mahayana. Grundformen seiner Zeitrelation zum Übungsziel in seiner Entwicklung bis Dôgen, 1979.

Helsinki (Finland) -  Up


Email - website
Professor of Japanese Studies at University of Helsinki (Finland)
Acting Professor of Asian and Cultural Studies in Tallinn (Estonia).

Main interest:  generally, classical Japanese poetry, and recently, diverse topics in cultural study and philosophy.
Research project: unkown.
Recent publications: - "Objects and Events: linguistic and philosophical notions of ‘thingness’", Asian Philosophy 2002.
- "‘Place’ and ‘being-time’: spatiotemporal concepts in the thought of Nishida Kitaro and Dogen", Philosophy East and West 54(1), 2004.

He supervises the theses of both Alari ALLIK on Dôgen and Elli FELDBERG on kôan literature in Tallinn.

Leiden (Netherlands)   -  Up


Email: - The website is here, and again  here.
Professor at University of Leiden

Main interest: Intellectual history of Japan, in particular Neo-confucianism in Edo-period.
Research project: recently unknown.
Dissertation on The Adoption and Adaptation of Neo-Confucianism in Japan: The Role of Fujiwara Seika and Hayashi Razan, 1983.
Recent publications: - "Menschenbild und Lebensstil im Konfuzianismus", Horin 7, 2000.
- "Approaches to Ogyu Sorai. Translation and transculturalization", Monumenta Nipponica 54, 1999.
- (Transl.) "The Confucian Ideal of Rule by Virtue and the Creation of National Politics: The Political Thought of Tani Tateki", in: (Motoyama Yukihiko) Proliferating Talents, 1997.
- "Hayashi Razan as a Confucian philosopher", in: (I. Nish & Ch. Dunn Eds.) European studies on Japan, 1979.

Leipzig (Germany)  -  Richter |  Kobayashi  -   Up

Steffi Richter

Email: -  website
Professor at Universität Leipzig (Institut für Japanologie)

Main interests: Japanese history of thought.
Latest publications: Ent-Zweiung. Wissenschaftliches Denken in Japan zwischen Tradition und Moderne”, 1994.
- Die Herausbildung der Philosophie von Nishida Kitarô, 1985.

ToshiakiKobayashi Leipzig  -  Up

Email: --  website
Privatdozent at Universität Leipzig

Main interests:  History of ideas in modern Japan and modern Japanese literature.
Research project:  Foundation of psychiatry in Japan and "Romantik" in Germany and Japan.
Latest publications: Nishida Kitarô no yûutsu (Nishida Kitaros Melancholie), 2003.
Denken des Fremden – am Beispiel von Kitaro Nishida, 2002.

See below: Address, CV, and Bibliography.

Louvain (Belgium)  -   Couteau | Fontaine | Henneberg | Isaac | Stevens | Tadanori  -   Up

Pauline Couteau

She is a research student now in Japan, working in "L'esthétique japonaise à partir de l'oeuvre de Watsuji Tetsurô".

Georges Fontaine  -   Louvain  -   Up

He is from the University of Liège and carries out research on the influence of Japanese esthetics on Western art: "Vers une esthétique du lieu. Regards croisés: le Japon dans l'art du 20ème siècle".

Peter Henneberg  -   Louvain  -   Up

He turned to Japanese philosophy and worked on "The Study of Kyôto-School Philosophy in Western languages".

Sylvain Isaac  -   Louvain  -   Up

Email: - website
Assistant of Prof. Stevens at the UCL.

Main interest: Kyôto-School
Research project: PhD thesis on "Le langage de l'absolu chez Nishitani", in progress. Online here.

Recent publication: – "Basho et individu chez Nishida", Philosophie, 79 (septembre 2003).
– "Nishitani Keiji », in: (A. Pavan&A. Danese Eds.) Encyclopédie des personnalistes du XXe siècle (à paraître).
– "La position (tachiba) de Nishitani", in: Daruma (à paraître).

See below: Address, CV, and Bibliography.

Bernard Stevens  -   Louvain  -   Up

Email - website
Professor at Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) and Research Director of the Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique (FNRS).

Main interest: Kyôto School philosophy, its influence on Japanese intellectual life and its dialogue with Western thought (mainly phenomenology).
Research project: On esthetics matters (mutual influence of Eastern and Western Art).
Recent publication: "Invitation à la philosophie japonaise. Autour de Nishida " (in print: Editions du CNRS, Paris).

See below: Address, CV, and Bibliography.

Takada Tadanori  -   Louvain  -   Up

He is a scholar who works on the early writings of Nishitani ("La philosophie de la subjectivité selon Nishitani").

Moscow  -   Up

Ю.Б. Козловский  IU. B. Kozlovskii 

Main interest: Japanese philosophy and Buddhism.
Recent publication:  Буддийская философия в средневековой Японии Buddiiskaia filosofiia v srednevekovoi IAponii (Buddhist Philosophy in medieval Japan), (edited by Д.Б. Шимилиса D. B. Shimilisa) 1998.

München (Germany)  -  Demmel | Döll | Laube | Pörtner  -   Up

Maximiliane Demmel

Email: - website
Post-Doc at Hochschule für Philosophie München

Main interest: Kyoto School and Japanese Buddhism; at the moment the discussion about the Pure Land among the intellectuals of the Meiji period and the religious experiences of the Japanese Buddhist schools like Shingon, Tendai or Nichiren.
Research Project: Der Begriff der Erfahrung im Empirismus und religiöse Erfahrung seit der Meiji-Zeit.
Recent Publication: Der Begriff der Reinen Erfahrung bei Nishida Kitarô und William James (und sein Einfluss auf Nishidas Verständnis von religiöser Erfahrung), 2004; Co-Author (with Sebastian Niklaus): "Religiöse Erfahrungen als Erfahrung von Relationen?", 2004.

See below: Address, CV, and Bibliography.

Steffen Döll  -   München  -   Up


Main interest: Zen-Buddhism and Japanese philosophy.
Recent project/publication: His Master thesis is on Ueda Shizuteru's interpretation of "The Ten Oxherding Pictures" and his phenomenology of self (to be published in 2005).

Johannes Laube  -   München  -   Up

Email: - website
Professor em. at Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität München

Main interests: "Religionswissenschaft" with an emphasis on far eastern religions and Philosophy in Japan and philosophy of the so-called Kyôto-School.
Latest publications: Die Dialektik der absoluten Vermittlung. Hajime Tanabes Religionsphilosophie als Beitrag zum 'Wettstreit der Liebe' zwischen Buddhismus und Christentum, 1984.

See below: More to come.

Peter Pörtner  -   München  -   Up

Email: - website
Professor at Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität München

Main interest:
Latest publication: Die Philosophie Japans, 1995 (with Jens Heise).

See below: More to come.

Nottingham (Great Britain)   Goto-Jones | Townsend  -   Up

Chris Goto-Jones

Email: -   Website
Professor at University of Nottingham

Main interest: Modern intellectual history of Japan.
Research project: On Kyoto School from the standpoint of modern intellectual history (with a particular focus on political philosophy in Japan and  East Asia).
Recent publication: "Political Philosophy in Japan: Nishida, the Kyoto School, and Co-Prosperity", 2005; A handbook on the Kyoto School for the Orientiel Handbooks series (Brill), to be published.

See below: More to come.

Sue Townsend  -   Nottingham  -   Up

Email - website
At University of Nottingham.

Main interest: Miki Kiyoshi.

More to come.

Oslo (Norway)   -   Up

Mark Teeuwen

Email: -  Website
Professor for Religion and Philosophy at Oslo University.

Main interest: Religion in medieval Japan.

He gives lectures including Buddhism, Confucianism and more recent philosophical trends also.

Paris (France) - Berque | Botz-Bornstein | Girard | Uehara| Saito  -   Up

Augustin BERQUE

More to come.

Thorsten BOTZ-BORNSTEIN   -   Paris  -   Up

Email: -  Website

Main interest: Nishida.
Research project: More to come.
Recent publication: His most recent publication is "Place and Dream". Starting with, but going beyond pure comparative philosophy, he develops the notion of "the virtual" in Japanese culture through a study of authors like Nishida Kitarô, Kuki Shûzô as well as Mikhail Bakhtin and Wittgenstein.

See below: More to come.

Frédéric GIRARD   -   Paris  -   Up

Email: -   Website
Professor at École française d'Extrême-Orient (Efeo).

Main interest: Japanese buddhism (Kûkai, Saicho as well as Dôgen)
Research project: unkown.
Recent publication: "Le Traité sur l’acte de foi dans le Grand Véhicule,Traduction commentée et Introduction", The Izutsu Library Series on Oriental Philosophy 2, Keiô University Press, 2004.

See below: More to come.

UEHARA Mayuko    -   Paris  -   Up

Email: - website

Main interest: Nishida

More to come.

SAITO Takako   -   Paris  -   Up

Email: - website

Affiliated with Institut des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (l'Universite du Havre) and with Centre des Etudes Japonaises (Paris). Member of "groupe de recherche sur la philosophie du Japon moderne".

See below: More to come.

Salamanca (Spain) -  Falero | Saviani  -   Up

Alfonso J. Falero

Email: - website
Associate professor

Main interest: Japanese intellectual history.
Research project: PhD in Shinto studies at Kokugakuin University finshed in 1997.
Recent publication: An Approach to Japanese Culture, 2005 (in Spanish); Translation of The Structure of Iki (Spanish), by Kuki Shuzo, Analecta Malacitana 2004/05.

See below: Address, CV, and Bibliography.

Carlo Saviani   -   Salamanca Up - website
Professor at the Liceo Statale di Capua (Italy)

Main interest:
Research project: Doctoral dissertation on the thought of Nishitani Keiji at the Università degli Studi "L'Orientale" di Napoli (Nulla e nichilismo in Heidegger e Nishitani).
Recent publication:

See below: Adress, CV, and Bibliography.

Tallinn (Estonia)   -   Up


PhD on Dôgen, in progress.


PhD on Kôan literature, in progress.

More to come

Torino   -   Up

Matteo Cestari

Email: -   Website
Works at Università degli Studi di Torino.

Main interest: Japanese modern philosophy as well as Japanese language, Far Eastern Religions and Philosophies in the sense of ancient thought.
Research project:
Recent publication: "The Problem of Aesthetics in Nishida Kitarō”, in Proceedings of the Association for Japanese Literary Studies, 2003, (in printing). “Beyond Oppositions. Negation and Modernity in Nishida’s Logic of Place”, in Arisaka Yōko, Berque, Augustine & Feenberg, Andrew (eds. by), Nishida and the Question of Modernity, Albany, State University of New York Press, (in printing).

See below: Address, CV, and Bibliography.

Vilnius (Lithuania) - Gélûnas | Beinorius  -   Up

Arûnas Gélûnas

Email: - website
Professor at Vilniaus Dailés Akadmija.

Main interest:
Research project: PhD thesis on Nishida Kitaro.
Recent publication: "Pure Experience" and the problem of order in the early Nishida Kitarô (2001); Learning to
see. Short Essay on the Phenomenology of Understanding Zen-painting (2000). Both published in Acta Orientalia Vilnensia. Online summary.

See below: More to come.

Audrius Beinorius   -   Vilnius  -   Up

Head of the Center of Oriental Studies at Vilniaus universiteto.

Main interest: Buddhism in India.
He is involved in a research project at the Vilnius University that includes Buddhist philosophy in Japan.

Warswaw (Poland)   -  Up

Agnieszka Kozyra

Email - website
Professor at Warsaw University.

Main interest: Philosophy and religion in Japan.
Recent publication: - Filozofia zen.
- "Eastern Nothingness in Nishida Kitarô and Lin-Chi", in: (A. Berque Ed.) Logique du lieu et dépassement de la modernité Vol.1, 2000.

More to come.

Wuppertal (Germany)   -   Up

Rolf Elberfeld

Universität Wuppertal

Main interests: Modern Japanese philosophy and Intercultural and comparative philosophy
Research project: unkown.
Recent publication: Phänomenologie der Zeit im Buddhismus. Methoden interkulturellen Philosophierens, 2004.

See below: Address, CV, and Bibliography.

Copyright (2005) by Ralf Müller, Berlin.